AutoCAD 2 G-Code

AutoCAD 2 G-Code is a VBA macro that exports Mach3 compatible G-Code directly from AutoCAD from selected Polylines and Circles. It works with AutoCAD 2002 and newer with VBA support. Free for anyone to use as desired.

I spent over 10 years at a previous job creating g-code from .dxf files using CadCode. The process was fully automatic, requiring no user input at all to create multiple, and complex toolpaths, which included cutter comp, feedrates, and other features.

When I started building a small CNC Router for home use, I discovered that most inexpensive CAM programs require a lot of work to go from .dxf file to g-code. So I set out to create a system with a workflow similar to what I as used to.



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G41/G42 Cutter Comp

Ramped entry and exit moves

Bi-Directional cutting along a polyline

Cut along 3D polylines

Circular pocketing with spiral toolpath

Spindle and Coolant control

G83 Drill Cycles

Assign properties to indivual entities.

(All available options for each entity can be assigned to indivual entities. This info is saved in the drawing. Entities with assigned properties can be copied and pasted to speed up the programming process.)

Many More.