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CNC Control Software


My current recommendation for a software CNC control is UCCNC from CNCdrive in Hungary. Very similar in setup and operation to Mach3, with better performance, and constant development making it better every day. It's currently missing a few minor features, but is imo far superior to Mach3, and far easier to setup and use than Mach4. and it's only $60 for a license, plus the cost of a motion controller.

UCCNC does NOT work through the parallel port, but requires a CNC drive motion controller.

CNCdrive offers several different motion controllers that work with UCCNC, from the single port USB UC100, to the 5 port ethernet UC300ETH.


CNC Electronics

UB1 Breakout/ Motherboard for the UC300ETH

CNC Room in Thailand makes IMO the best breakout boards available for the DIY crowd.

I'm using their new UB1 breakout board with the UC300ETH. Based on their previous MB2 board (see below), it provide 3 ports of 24V I/O and differential step/direction signals, 0-10V analog spindle speed control, two analog inputs, three relays, and an integrated safety circuit. It can be used with UCCNC and Mach3.




MB2 breakout board

For those looking for an ESS (Ethernet Smooth Stepper) breakout board, look no further than the MB2.

The MB2 is designed for use with the ESS, and uses 3 parallel ports of I/O. It's an industrial grade board with 24V inputs and outputs, differential drive signals, analog speed control, and a built in safety circuit.

It's very flexible, and is designed to be modified by the user via solder bridges to enhance or change functionality.

The MB2 can also be used with the UC300ETH from CNC Drive, although I'd recommend the UB1 instead.

MB2 Breakout board


Automation Technologies

Automation technologies carries a full range of motion control items, as well as complete machines. Great prices on stepper motors.





JointCAM is a CAM program for making traditional woodworking joints. Quickly design a variety of joints and export ready to run g-code.


Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is an integrated CAD/CAM package from Autodesk, that's free for hobbyists and startup businesses.



Vectric offers a wide range of CAD/CAM packages for woodworking and sign making.



MeshCAM is an easy to use CAM program for machining 3D mesh models.